We’re wise & Didoo’s Beliefs

We’re wise

I use a frisbee for a plate. 
I use a parachute for a tent. 
I use a hardhat for a bowl. 
Uncle uses a sardine can for an astray.
I use a wheelbarrow for a shopping cart.
I use a measuring cup for a coffee cup.
I use a volleyball net for a fishnet.
I use a javelin for a spear.
I use a goldpan for a basin.
Didoo uses a broom handle for a cane.
I use a magnet for a metal detector.
I ses curling rocks for net sinkers. 
I use a curling broom for a broom. 
I use welders flint for matches.
I use a ping pong table for a table.
Auntie uses a tennis racquet for snowshoes.
I use a canoe for a bathtub.
I use measuring spoons for spoons.
I use basting brush for paintbrush.
I use ovenmittes for winter mitts.
I use oarlock for slingshot.
I use a bread roller pin for a massager.
Didee uses a lacrosse stick for a dipnet.

Didoo’s Beliefs

Don’t hunt beaver and porcupine on the same day. 
Don’t say anything bad about bears.
Don’t harm crows, always feed them.
Don’t shoot caribou leaders. 
Tie ptarmigan feet on your snowshoes.
Hang caribou hoofs high up on trees.
Always keep dogs.
Kids always eat first.
Never eat snow.
Build a survival cabin out in the bush.
Don’t cut wood close to town.
Know where berries grow.
Don’t waste food.
Don’t bother nests or dens.
Respect gifted, talented people and Elders.
Eagle feather is a sacred gift.
Don’t play with a cane.
The north star is our compass.
Don’t touch artifacts.
Don’t eat caribou calf.
Don’t wear carbour leg skin boots all day.
Feed beaver tails to kids.

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