Family Giesbrecht has been planning and saving to visit Germany for years. We must travel as a team and so more tickets would have to be purchased for our crew of five. There is just no way anyone on Team G could ever be left behind on such an epic adventure. A month of cheese research and strategic planning would take place over several plates of schnitzel at the Wolf’s Den Restaurant. Our adventure would begin at Erik Nielson International Airport when Team “G” finally has a great reason to check out the new international terminal.

Upon arrival at Frankfurt International Airport, Team “G” would need to locate the train station to travel at super speeds to the Black Forest to meet our guide in Freiburg. Our friend and guide, Yukoneer will provide translation, transportation and shelter. After a quick siesta, we might wander through the markets of Freiburg and come upon some truffles (and cheese) to add to Yukoneer’s homemade spaetzle. Team G could then rest and refuel with local wine for the epic playtime waiting at Park Europa the next morning..

Thrills and cheers will abound as we spend a couple of days exploring Park Europa. The little G’s would be pumped with adrenaline while the big G’s would most likely luxuriate in foodie heaven. The theatres in the park showcase European culture and will provide much needed recovery time from the adrenaline racing through our veins. After a couple days of wild play we might explore one of the many hiking trails of the black forest. How strange it will be to see a clean forest floor without branches and logs lying around. We might see and feel the startling differences between our home forest and this one half a world away. We could ponder the similarity with a sunset picnic on the edge of the Alps as we marvel at the awesome beauty before us.

Little G2 might have realized by now that her wardrobe is incomplete without her own lederhosen. Shopping will consume that entire morning, followed by a leisurely ride to a smaller village. In the afternoon we may celebrate the harvest with the locals in a parade through town. Many women will wear the traditional pompom hats and there will be millions of flowers lining the cobbled streets. I might find and purchase a genuine cuckoo clock as a mascot for Team G. We could spend the evening eating, drinking and dancing at one of the lively pubs; in our lederhosen of course.

Grand, majestic castles and farms of the Alps will most likely stun us on our drive to Lake Constance the next morning. We might lunch on bratwurst and refresh with a stein of beer. Little G1, the brain, will regale us with history and facts relating to the region as we travel through the Alps and into Switzerland to a mountain lodge. We will spend a few days enjoying Yukoneer’s company as we paddle, hike and raft in his home territory.

Relaxed from being in nature, we must seek more excitement in the city so we should return to Frankfurt with a few days to spare before flying home. There we can lounge down at the park on River Main and enjoy art and history through the Museumsufer. We can stroll to the Romerburg, and shop on Street Zeil. We’ll likely need to purchase a suitcase to transport the cheese, lederhosen, wine and cuckoo clock we will no doubt, collect on our journey. With grateful hearts and our epicurious needs satisfied, we will board our flight home. As soon as we lift off the Little G’s should fade into a sleep full of wanderlust.