Finally my human is gone shopping and I can use the computer. This morning I overheard her talking about the Condor-contest, what fun it would be to jump on a plane and explore the world starting in Germany.

Throughout the last few years I’ve met so many europeans, now I’d like to go and visit them too.

A good friend, german shepherd, comes over from Frankfurt every year and he is just happy about the direct flight connection. Once he had to come into Whitehorse with a different airline, that meant to change planes and took so much longer to finally arrive here. More important, the Condor service is so much better he told me. They takes a lot of dogs and know how to treat you first class. Getting escorted through customs to the plane, the flight captain even got a camera to check and make sure your doing ok. Sometimes he even tells your human during the flight not to worry and that everything is just peachy. Doesn’t that sound amazing. So once in my lifetime I need to go on one of those Condor-trip myself.

Getting into Frankfurt, we would have to rent a car, cause my human always brings so much stuff. She keeps telling everybody she needs to dress differently over there. Well I got my fur coat nicely groomed that should be good enough.

First stop will be Hamburg. It’s about time I can check out that squeacky toy my friends play with when we talk on Skype. When ever they come to visit here in the Yukon they bring the nicest treats. I figure it’s a good place to start and we can gradually work our way down south. In the centre of Germany I’ll visit my buddy ‘Yukon’, the german shepherd I talked about earlier. He is a lot of fun to be with, we are good to get in trouble ever so often but who is to admit that. Last fall he got a little girl to play with, he said she could be my twin. I am so excited to meet her.

Thinking about it, do you think I need a new collar? My fur is black with some white spots and my current neckband is red. Next time we get to town I will look for something pink, that seems more appropriate for a young lady like me. How is it going to look my human all poshed up and me in an old bush rug.

After a few more stops we will end up in the black forest where most of our friends are. We will go for long walks and try to avoid those nasty ticks they got down there. Being so close to the French border my human is probably insisting to go there but it’s not going to happen. She’s got to go all by herself! Knowing her she’ll get completely lost without me but there is no way I am going to wear a muzzle the french government requires. I might send a human friend with her. Those french guys got incredible cheeses. We’ll defiantly have to bring some home.

Our last visit will be at friends in Heidelberg. I heard so much about that little baby there, who by now starts to crawl all over. She might have some fun toys we can share. Before we arrive there someone should tell her my nose dose not squeak when you squeeze it and eye poking is not allowed either.There is one thing I am so looking forward to, to wander round Heidelberg castle read all the pi-mails and leave some messages myself. For us doggies it’s so much easier to travel we don’t need to learn a different language or take a huge suitcase.

Our flight home will be so much shorter, not really but I’ll be too tired to notice and we are going to be back in Whitehorse in a heartbeat. Next time you run into my human can you let her know I honestly want to go on that trip.

Thanks so much Yours truly Maggie, just call me Monkey