Northern Bard: Mark Penner “The Yukon Provides”

The Yukon Provides

No book nor picture can suffice to express, 

The wonders and the nature of this peculiar place.

Snow peak mountains, with its willows buried by the winds,

While Dall’s sheep graze cautiously, 

 Every step taken with grace.

For the grizzlies are now waking,

From a slumber so deep.

I wonder what they were dreaming?

Perhaps they can envision, 

Sun whispers in their sleep.

With swans and geese frolicking,

Gently minding their way down Bennett Lake,

I sip a coffee and stop to ponder,

What it would’ve been like in ’98.

Ohh! To be paddling that Yukon again!

Its energy connects you to this land.

With the goal of reaching Dawson City,

And the promise of a frontier town. 

But this ode is to its people,

Who are the stewards of this realm.

So many friendly faces, 

So many helping hands

So to all of you I dare say,

It is up to you to decide.

If your wanderlust is unquenched,

There’s a taste of freedom in this wilderness,

And the Yukon always provides!

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