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Nipper was one of the first dogs to ever live at the Mae Bachur Shelter when it first opened in mid-November, 1998.  Her mother was discovered giving birth to her puppies under the shelter of a truck that was warming up on a cold (-30C) morning.  When the owner discovered the mom and pups (8 in total, including Nipper), he scooped them all up into his truck cab and delivered them to the Mae Bachur Shelter, which he heard on the radio was just opening its doors that morning for the first time.  She was one of the first puppies to ever be brought to the shelter.  We adopted her when she was 8 weeks old and she lived a happy life with us until July 2014, when at the age of nearly 16, she passed away, surrounded by her loving family.  This is one of my favourite pictures of her and my youngest son, just a few years ago.

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