Yukon’s Best Friend: DOG CULTURE, Shirley Dawson

DOG CULTURE: Submitted by Shirley Dawson


Our dog’s name is Remington and we believe he is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix- we got him through the animal Shelter here in Whitehorse when he was just a pup. Remington just turned 7 years old in January 2016. Since we got Remington he has been with us all over the Yukon and is a constant companion on our many Yukon outing trips.  We could not imagine life in the Yukon without him by our side!

What’s Up Yukon is pleased to partner with the Yukon Transportation Museum’s Dog Culture Display, “Yukon’s Best Friend: Doggedness in Love and Labour”. Your photos will be on display at the dog culture exhibit so be sure to stop in Sundays & Mondays 12-5. Selected submissions may appear on both partners social media and inside What’s Up Yukon’s printed issue and website! That’s right your pooch could be appreciated by all!

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