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One of the things that a business in your community can do that companies Outside cannot is treat you like you — as an individual — matter.

I have seen tubes of lip balm turn up at meetings or events that have the logo of the event on them, thanks to the efforts of Aroma Borealis. I have seen packets of coffee with the logo of an event on them, thanks to the efforts of Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters. I have even seen promo ads for events happening, thanks to the efforts of the paper you are reading at this very instant.

The list goes on.

For our part, we have had the good fortune of being able to produce specially labeled beer. Our first try at that was for a wedding. We take great credit in the fact that things are going swimmingly for that couple, thank you very much. We are sure that the beer label has had a lot to do with that.

We once did a label for a curling event that had teams here from every province and territory. We used the large one-litre bottles that we used to have, which allowed for a large label big enough that we could put the team photo of each curling team right on the bottle, along with the team name.

We had asked the organizer to get a team photo from each group, without telling them what it was for. Apparently, they were more than a bit surprised when they walked into the opening dinner and there, on their table, was a litre of beer just for them, with their photo staring back from the front of the bottle.

Recently we worked on a label for a play, Timber Rabbits — A Northern Mystery of Men, that plays Nov. 26 to 29 and Dec. 3 to 6. The idea is to have the beer available at Coasters and at the play in an effort to entice a different demographic out to see the play.

But, we ran into some problems.

You see, all labels need to be approved by the Yukon Liquor Corporation. The promotional material for Timber Rabbits says “a northern mystery of men, murder, madness and mutilation” and the logo has a skull with a rifle and a dagger crossing through a rabbit skull.

Well, suffice it to say that YLC was not enthralled with the concept of an alcohol label with murder, insanity and mutilation front and centre. And, a beer label with weapons was also, to put it mildly, not on.

So, we worked with the producers of the play and YLC to come up with a modified label that satisfied everybody. Timber Rabbit Limited Edition Brew is now available at Coasters and will be available at the play.

This business of what goes on a label can be a bit tricky. You see, you cannot depict an act of skill on an alcohol label, in case it implies that consuming the product will allow you to perform that skilled act.

We once had a beer label with Jeane Lassen on it, doing what she does best — then could not use it. Apparently, it takes skill to lift some ungodly amount of weight over your head. Who knew?

Just kidding, Jeane, we all knew.

And now, we know to be sure to get a label pre-approved before we print it, not after. Lesson learned.

This column is courtesy of the Yukon Brewing Company, an organization that will hopefully introduce the Beer Buzz Brew.

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