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Sheldon Casselman (left), Dan Hombert, and Bobby Woodman are the founders of the Elite Martial Arts Academy in Whitehorse

The Elite Martial Arts Academy (EMAA) first opened its doors back in May of last year and has been gaining momentum ever since. Located in Riverdale at 38 Lewes Boulevard, EMAA has a class schedule that offers so many styles of mixed martial arts you could try a different one everyday if you wanted to – well, except for Sunday because the academy is closed. Even martial arts needs a rest day.

EMAA is owned by three friends who live and breathe mixed martial arts: Sheldon Casselman, Dan Hombert and Bobby Woodman. Each one of these instructors has had personal success in the world of mixed martial arts. Now they are eager to share their expansive knowledge with others.

Casselman teaches no-gi wrestling, mixed martial arts and grappling for kids.
Hombert teaches Brazilian jiu-jitsu for adults and kids, and Woodman teaches Muay Thai.
Greg Sanderson, who has seven years of experience in Muay Thai fighting, teaches Muay Thai style kickboxing classes for women.
With all the combined experience these athletes have, you are certain to not only get a great workout, but also learn proper techniques.

“We want people to learn, but also understand that the learning process is slow,” Casselman said. “The first part of the class is spent doing a thorough warm-up, followed by technique, then we bring it all together for the last half of the class.” Class lengths vary between 1 hour for kids and women’s kickboxing, and 1.5 hours to 2 hours for adult mixed martial arts classes.

The EMAA studio offers a large, padded rubber floor space. There are also boxing bags, Muay Thai pads and battle ropes that are set up, depending on the class. They say they have everything you need to help perfect your mixed martial arts craft. If you are a beginner or are simply looking to have fun with mixed martial arts workouts, EMAA has you covered.

For those who are looking to gain their belts, EMMA offers a graduated ranking system. There are also competition opportunities available.

“Mixed martial arts is not regulated in the Yukon. So we usually go to Vancouver or Edmonton or Calgary to compete,” Casselman said.

On May 12, some fighters from EMMA alongside Casselman, Hombert and Woodman will be going to Alberta to compete in the provincial open championship for the Canadian Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation.

For more information about Elite Martial Arts Academy go to, or check out their page on Facebook.

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