Fit ‘n’ Healthy: Summer is 10 Steps Away

Spring is officially here. Which means we now have 11 weeks until summer. That’s it. Just 11 weeks to get ready for shorts, tanks and ahhhhhh swimsuits.

Well, here are the steps you need to get beach ready:

1. Clear out your cupboards of junk. Anything that has added sugars, sugar alcohols, hydrogenated oils or added salt … get rid of it.

2. Fill your fridge and cupboards with fresh fruits and vegetables, raw almonds, natural peanut butter, natural yogurt, cottage cheese, fresh chicken breast, whole grain rice, oatmeal. All clean foods.

3. Select a whole bunch of clean recipes that you think you’ll love. Make sure you have all the ingredients you’ll need and then organize when you’re going to prepare and eat them. Along with that, try to plan ahead so each day you are eating a healthy breakfast (maybe oatmeal and berries) and then again every two to three hours throughout the day. Try to keep each of your six meals around 250 calories.

4. Pack your food with you each day so you know what you’re eating and you don’t find yourself stuck for meal options.

5. If you have a microwave at work, I have found it really handy to keep some “Steam ‘m” bags around just in case I am stuck for food. You can cook chicken breast from raw and your vegetables in the microwave in minutes.

6. Organize your workouts and write down on paper when you plan to workout and what workout you are going to do. Schedule it like an appointment.

7. If you miss a workout in a week, then know that it’s OK, but be sure to make it up. Don’t beat yourself up, just know you’ll make up for it and make sure you do.

8. Have a goal in mind and write it down. Make sure your goal is attainable in the time period you’ve allotted and make sure your goal is measurable. Measurements or fitting into a certain pair of pants are great examples. Just don’t try to fit into your teenager’s jeans if you’re over 30.

9. Tell the people around you what you are trying to do. Our friends, family and co-workers are better able to support and understand when they know what your goals are.

  1. Join a group class with friends. The more support, motivation and accountability we have the better. Plus, it’s much more fun.

This column is provided by Peak Fitness. Mrs. Lee Randell is an ACE certified personal trainer. Contact information and past articles are available at Anyone who wants to begin an exercise program should consult their physician first.

This column is provided by Mrs. Lee Randell, independent fitness consultant, who is an ACE certified advanced health and fitness specialist and personal trainer. You can reach her at

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