Take Care of your Experiment

It’s important to draw a wild card every once in a while. We ask the Tarot our human-scale, human-sized questions, and yet, there is so much more information to access. Asking the Tarot for a wild card opens a window to new information and fresh perspective. Sometimes, finding the right question is a challenge — in these cases, I recommend opening up and seeing what the deck will offer you. Ask for a wild card and enjoy the new take on your situation. 


What is our collective wild card for this season? What advice do we each need that we aren’t thinking to ask about? 

The Deck: The Rider-Waite Coleman-Smith, first published in 1910.

Astrological Circumstances: 

I cast the reading during the Waning Gibbous Moon in Sagittarius, in a plume of white sage, with peaceful intentions. May it harm none. 

The Card: Temperance, Card XIV of the Major Arcana. 

Rulerships: Sagittarius. Element: Fire. Day of the Week: Saturday. Minerals: Amethyst, Red Zircon, Malachite. 

Physical Description:

Temperance, Card XIV of the Major Arcana features a benevolent angel experimenting to find the most harmoniously powerful combination of elements, ideas, and approaches. The angel has strong and large wings and her/his foot touches pure waters. Yellow irises are in bloom amid tall green grasses. Sacred symbols ornament the angel’s gown and crown, including Hebrew signs for God. There is an awe-inspiring sunrise in the background, and a long path between meadows and mountains to the sun. 

Metaphysical Description & Advice:

Temperance advises us to seek and find balance with calm hands and passionate hearts. While the word “temperance” may sound kind of boring, there is a lot of energy and passion in this card. Ruled by fire sign Sagittarius, Temperance reminds us to combine optimism with our desires to find and maintain harmony. The yellow irises symbolize passion, and passion for hope, wisdom, communication, and eloquence. The angel is there to remind us of our connection to spirit, creativity, and faith — remember to open your wings like this strong angel.

When the Temperance card appears, moderation is indicated, though I would prefer to call the Temperance mindframe an experimental one (as opposed to a moderate one). The angel is seeking the perfect balance between the cups, and is therefore taking the process step-by-step. This delicate, measured approach does not need to spell boredom — it’s about taking care of your experiment. 

Handle new things with love, care, and a light touch. Feel the rays of a new day coming and patiently find the right mix of ingredients. Artists and makers of all kinds, be encouraged to innovate and find new ways around old problems. Large visions are realized little by little. 

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