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Last year, the major annual fundraiser of the Boys and Girls Club of Yukon (BGCY), the “Bachelor Auction,” made an evolutionary step as an event. The new “Live Auction” format now partners with Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous and hosts entertaining skits from the Sourdough Sams to live auction more expansive and exciting date packages. The event caters to couples, friends and groups looking for laughs, entertainment and gourmet food, while helping support the programming of the BGCY.

Instead of recruiting eligible Yukon bachelors and pairing them with a date package for live bidding by attendees, organizers took suggestions to expand the appeal beyond Yukon singles open to try a first date for charity. The previous model required dates that were low-pressure situations and suited to people meeting each other for the first time. With the new format, the dates can be more expansive and cater to couples, friends or even singles looking for a first date, which, according to Lindsay Cornell, executive director of BGCY, opens up increased revenue.

“By making it a date auction, we were able to put together date packages of higher value, requiring greater commitment and expanding on the  excitement,” Cornell said. “Sometimes there were misconceptions from participants on the intent of the auction (raising money for BGCY) or individuals didn’t feel comfortable bidding on an expensive package on what was essentially a first date. So we wanted to try something that everyone could bid on and create an event that was more inclusive for all folks.”

For example, the top selling date package last year was a trip for two to Edmonton to watch an Edmonton Oilers hockey game, which wouldn’t have been possible under the old model. The total for that single date package more than doubled the highest grossing bachelor and date that was auctioned the previous year.

This year’s Denim and Diamonds theme will guide Sourdough Sams in their costumes, skits and props. The vaudeville display provides entertaining comedy, dance and interaction with audience members seated at VIP tables in front. In addition, there will be special performances and entertainment during the show intermission and show interludes.

The successful growth of the event has brought back tried-and-true dates like the Air North trip for two, Muktuk Adventures dog sledding, pampering for two at Beautiful You and hiking at Mt Logan Lodge, as well as a catered home tasting with Yukon Brewing and Wandering Bison. The new approach has attracted sponsored date additions including Blackbird Bakery dessert to compliment the at-home tasting, a riverboat tour and horseback riding.

Tickets to the 19+ event are available at title sponsor Beautiful You, Yukon Brewing, Boston Pizza and through the Boys and Girls Club Yukon. They include a complimentary drink and catering from sponsor, Wandering Bison. VIP tables are available in advance and feature table service, complimentary bottles of wine and a gift bag. For more information, contact Jasmin at [email protected]

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