A Northern Wilderness Escape

Imagine your own cabin, far in the wilderness, steps away from a beautiful lake and spectacular mountain vistas. Well it’s real, and what is even more incredible is that Southern Lakes Resort has Yukoner specials.

My husband Ryan and I first made the trip, during Covid, for Christmas 2020. It was a spectacular time, as we added on some great deals to our package stay, with dogsledding and snowmobiling. 

The special packages come with incredible food, after which I swear I gained a few pounds, as our morning breakfast and three-course dinners were very tasty! What was even more fun were the staff in charge, an Aussie and a Kiwi, who made our stay unforgettable. We even got special Caramello Koalas from Oz, for our Christmas Day breakfast!

We also got to bring our dogs, Phil and Charlie. Over Christmas 2020, the lake was frozen and, for the first two nights, we were the only guests. It was magical; we would step outside and, within a few steps, onto the frozen lake. And as you can see in the photos, there were pretty spectacular sunsets and sunrises.

Our dogsledding experience and sledding were also a lot of fun, although the temperatures were quite chilly at -20°C.

I had never actually driven a dogsled, and it had been on my list since moving to the Yukon. I’m not going to lie, it was terrifying; and now I can say I’ve done it, but it’s certainly not my cup of tea. I didn’t mind sitting in the little carrier, although you pretty much witnessed some incredible dog pooping while running—kinda gross. But the dogs loved it!

Even the cozy cabin came with an electric fireplace and all of the things you need for a getaway with your family.

This year, we decided to venture out for our one-year wedding anniversary at the end of August. We even stayed in the same cabin and enjoyed the same delectable food and scenery. I even went stand-up paddleboarding with Phil. It was nice to unwind, as the only Wi-Fi service you get is in the primary restaurant. Southern Lakes Resort is a nice little oasis and not far from Whitehorse.
The cabins are immaculate, the food is incredible, the scenery spectacular, and the staff make it so incredible for a weekend away (www.southernlakesresort.com).

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