Didee & Didoo – Poem “Don Cherry”

Don Cherry

His name is Don Cherry

an’ he’s named after a berry.

His nickname is Grapes

he has suits of all colours an’ shapes.

Don even has a suit that’s pink

when he’s at the hockey rink.

When I turn the TV on

I get a kick out of Don.

We know Don can be cocky

when he talks hockey.

Most of the time he’s cheery

’cause we all like Don Cherry.

When Ron McLean tries to explain

Don always complain.

They’re on Coaches’ Corner

and Don acts like a coroner.

Ron likes to be heard

but Don gets the last word

’cause Ron can’t get him stuck

an’ Don knows who has the puck.

Don gives the thumbs up

and he likes the Stanley Cup.

He knows hockey inside out

and Don Cherry I’m talkin’ about.

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