Didee & Didoo – Poem “Glad Temper”

I don’t like to write about myself

‘cause sometimes I feel like an elf.

I was born up in Old Crow

where the Porcupine River flow.

I was raised by my Didoo

an’ I’m not exactly new.

Ever since I was little

I learned to by the fiddle.

I can play lots of tunes

and I also draw cartoons.

I like to write poetry

an’ they wrote a song about me.

I went to residential school

but God made my life cool.

I like to run on my snowshoes

‘cause that’s how I cruise.

A 100-mile world record I set

I don’t know if it’s broken yet.

At the Old Crow Airport I work

and I talk to the pilot of a Herc.

In Canadian Rangers I salute

an’ they gave me a gun to shoot.

I carried the Olympic torch

my mom carried it to the school porch.

I live in my cabin made of logs

and I always have husky dogs.

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