Since I was a little elf

I’ve been teaching myself.

When I was alone

I learned stuff on my own.

I learned a lot

but mostly I’m self-taught.

When I was little

I learned to play my fiddle.

I learned over a hundred tunes

and I even draw cartoons.

I’m not like Farley Mowat

but I’m a self-taught poet.

Songs I learned to write

an’ I try to make them right.

I learned how to mush dogs

an’ I build cabins with logs.

I can make my own bannock

an’ I’m my own mechanic.

I learned chords on a guitar

an’ I learned how to drive a car.

Some things I never 

learned from a text

so I’m self-taught regarding sex.

A rocket scientist I never became

and Einstein is not my name.

Didoo taught me a lot

which I never forgot

but mostly I’m self-taught.