Didee & Didoo: Animal Tracks

I like to see animals on all fours
And I see their tracks outdoors.
When I see animal tracks
I know they’re lookin’ for snacks.
If I follow animal tracks
I make sure they’re not wolf packs.
I can tell the tracks of a moose
Or the tracks of a goose.
I can see the tracks of a mouse
And the tracks of a grouse.
If I follow a wide tail
I know it’s a beaver trail.
Sometimes I see tracks of birds
But I always see tracks of caribou herds.
When I follow caribou tracks
I know I will see their racks.
Some animals may attack
So I stay away from a bear track.
I stay away from tracks of a porcupine
‘Cause it will shoot quills from behind.
I can even see my puppies’ paws
Or tracks made by lynx claws.

But if you see tracks of a kangaroo
I know it’s just not true.

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