Didee & Didoo – Poem “Gerald”

His name is Gerald Nukon

From Old Crow Yukon.

He always says “Hi!”

An’ he’s a pretty cool guy.

Gerald is such a great lad

and I never see him mad.

Even if he gets stuck with a raft

you’ll still see Gerald laugh.

he respects old folks

and he tells funny jokes.

He’ll lend a helping hand

‘cause he’s a good man.

To Jon he’s a dad

which makes him glad.

He doesn’t steal or tell lies

so I know he’s wise.

I respect this young dude

‘cause Gerald is never rude.

Gerald has a kind heart

that’s what makes him smart.

He’ll even give you his shirt

and he will never hurt.

Gerald knows how to smile

that’s why I like his style.

If Gerald’s ways we take after

our lives will be lots of laughter.

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