Gilson decided to join the curling club board to support and help the club and its events. She will be organizing the bar for the bonspiel.

Paul Robitaille, also a curler and board member, is equally passionate about the sport.

“As a kid, I used to think curling was boring. But now, I’d rather watch that than hockey,” he says.

Robitaille likes that curling is accessible to everyone. It doesn’t cost much, and anyone can play, he says.

“What I love about curling is that it’s instant satisfaction. One good shot can make up for lots of bad shots and make it worth your while. Even beginners can succeed.”

Robitaille also enjoys the social aspect of curling, as well as the fact that it’s a mixed league.

“You can play with your partner, which makes curling appealing and easier than some other sports.”

Along with playing in the bonspiel, Robitaille is also in charge of sign up. He points out that the bonspiel is a mixed tournament, which means that there should be at least one member of the opposite sex on a team, and encourages teams of four from near and far to come to Dawson City to enjoy great prizes and a homemade banquet dinner.

Robitaille is also tasked with making sure everyone at the bonspiel is having a good time. Judging by his passion for curling and his excitement for the upcoming event, this shouldn’t be a problem.

“This is the one weekend I look forward to all year!” he says.

For more information on the 118th International Bonspiel, or the Dawson City Curling Club in general, please contact Paul Robitaille by phone at 993-5575 or by email at