History is being re-written

During my Queen campaign, I reviewed what was happening in China at the time of the Klondike Gold Rush, and I tied it into Western history.

Over the last few months, I have been sharing how I became involved in this queen title and what I have been doing. And while doing more research to better educate myself on the Yukon and its history, I have found some great information that I hope will also interest and educate you!

During my Queen campaign, one of the requirements was to write a speech. I wrote mine about something I know, which is Chinese history. I reviewed what was happening in China at the time of the Klondike Gold Rush, and I tied it into Western history.

In 1898, many developments were taking place around the world. Two famous Queens existed at the same time. Both were queens of great nations and great continents, but both had different fates and destinies.

During this era, while the Yukon gold rush was in full swing, Empress Dowager became the most important woman in Chinese history. She ruled China for 47 years.

Selected as a concubine for the Emperor, she gave birth to the Emperor’s only son. After the Emperor’s death, she seized power in a coup, proclaimed her infant son as the Emperor, and made herself the Empress Dowager.

She ruled China even though she remained behind a silk screen separating herself from her offi – cials who were all male. Dynastic rule collapsed three years after her death and the chaotic Republican era started.

In Great Britain, Queen Victoria was ruling. As I have mentioned before, she had such a great impact on style, fashion and manners. These are the traditions that we carry through with us today as the Rendezvous Queen’s Court.

Victoria was the longest-ruling British monarch in history, with a 63-year reign. Her time on the throne reign saw great cultural expansion and advances in industry, science, literacy, construction of railways, and the London Underground transit.

She expanded her empire by increasing urban populations, was recognized as the Empress of India, celebrated both a golden (1887) and diamond jubilee (1897), and the sheer prominence of Great Britain on the world stage under her rule helped define the age that bears her name.

Now, why is this article titled, “History is being re-written”?

My friends, we are living through a very historical event. On September 9, our current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, will surpass her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria as the longest-ruling British monarch in history.

What an achievement – to reign longer than the 41 Kings and Queens that have gone before her! What a legacy she will leave, and we are here to witness it.

I will make some time to ponder what my own legacy will be. I know that mine is now linked with Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous and I am more knowledgeable and informed than I was before accepting this role.

At the risk of repeating myself, I highly recommend this to others who wish to enhance and explore new opportunities for themselves.

We don’t always know what fate has in store for us and what our destinies will be. But I can assure you that if you step out and try new things, just as I did with Rendezvous, a new and exciting world can open up for you and will make your journey very interesting and worthwhile.

Until next month, my dear friends…

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