Dear Readers,

Charley Sprucetip and I have parted ways. Fortunately, I have found an absolutely delightful and charming writing partner, Johnny Snowshoe, who has years of experience and valuable insight on love and lust in the North.

Juniper Frost

Dear Juniper and Johnny,

I am originally from a large city in southern Canada and moved up to the Yukon a few years ago. I have found love, and lost it, a number of times since living here. Do you have any tips on how to co-exist with the exes in my social circle?


Big Fish in Small Pond

Johnny says: Well Big Fish, if it was a notably messy break-up, try to avoid involving yourself in situations with the ex for the first little while. You both need space and time. If there is no way around this, as sometimes happens, restrict your alcohol intake. Drinking like a fish, although a good way to blow off steam and meet your rebound, can also precipitate public fights or even worse, a moment of weakness leading to the inevitable second time around break-up.

Juniper says: Depending on how many exes you have racked up in the past couple of years, you might want to seriously consider moving on to a new pond. The more that you have, the harder it is to avoid them. I hear B.C. has some well-stocked lakes. Or you could start to be a bit choosier about who you spawn with in the future. Why waste your time on someone that will cause issues for you downstream? If all else fails, always, always take the high road.

Hi Northern Romance Team,

I met an awesome guy this summer and we had a great time. I knew from the beginning that he had plans to go off to school in the fall to finish up a graduate program. We got really close and decided that we would try to do the long-distance relationship thing for a year. Now as the darkness descends and the temperatures drop I am starting to regret my decision. Any advice for me?

Cold and lonely in Carmacks

Johnny says: I rarely like to betray the soft heart that is hidden beneath my tough and rugged Yukon demeanour, but I am going to say this anyway: having someone to warm your bed isn’t everything. If he’s a good guy and you see a future with him, try and have some patience. School doesn’t last forever. On the other hand if the future looks bleak for you as a couple, don’t waste any more time and end it. No point in dragging out a doomed relationship.

Juniper says: Did you say you are living in Carmacks? I don’t want to be too much of a defeatist or anything, but the September Scramble is over and we are into Last Chance November. I don’t care how cold and lonely you might feel this winter, if you’ve found a good one you should hang on to him. Keep yourself busy this winter with some new activities and the time will fly by. Skype dates can be good, and trips down south for romantic interludes are always a treat.