Northern Romance, March 13, 2014

Juniper and Johnny –

I have been with my girlfriend for three years now and I am noticing that our intimacy level has started to decline. I haven’t been able help her hit the “mother lode” in a while, if you know what I mean. I want her to feel satisfied in our relationship or she might start looking elsewhere! Do you guys have any suggestions to help me out in this area?

— Boring boyfriend on Beechwood

Juniper says: Dear Boring Boyfriend, all relationships, like the Yukon’s boom-bust economy, have their peaks and valleys in this area, but if you have a diversified portfolio, making your relationship resilient to the downturns in the market, then I wouldn’t worry too much. You should know what she likes by now, so always, always, warm up the heavy equipment before you start mining for gold.

Johnny says: The path to a woman’s pay streak can be a strange and mysterious one; if you just pan around at random, you’ll never strike it rich. After three years together your communication skills should be well refined, so I suggest keeping it simple. Ask her what she wants, and then do it. There’s no need to read her mind, just follow the instructions and you’ll be hitting the jackpot in no time.

Dear Juniper and Johnny,

I just recently moved to the Yukon and when I got here I decided I wanted to enter the dating scene. So I joined three different online dating websites in the hopes of going out on a few dates. I met a whole bunch of strange guys and then I went out with one that seemed really great and I thought maybe there was potential there. A couple of dates later I put two and two together and realized he is currently dating one of the only other women that I know in town. Where can I go to meet normal people in this place?

— Fisherwoman on Falcon

Juniper says: My experience with online dating is limited and the only date I did go on was a disaster, so I know it can be tough here with such a small pool to draw from. But don’t despair. Make sure you get out and enjoy what the Yukon has to offer. Volunteer for events and take part in activities that you wouldn’t normally do and you might snag a guy in the flesh. Since you are new to the Yukon and haven’t heard of “spring break up” you will be happy to know there will be schools of singles in a few short months.

Johnny says: The online dating scene can be a frustrating experience. I’m sure there are a few diamonds in the rough, however most guys are likely just looking for some easy action (sorry fellas, but you know it’s true). I would suggest that you focus on meeting friends first, by pursuing your interests and hobbies around town. Join a sports league, the bike club, or a fitness class. Once you start building a solid friend group, there’s a great chance that someone will know a guy that “you just have to meet.”

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